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Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

Posted by Porcelana Staff on

Pregnancy is usually a time full of joy, anxiety, anticipation, and massive emotional and physical changes. While most women are aware of the typical changes (like getting bigger, hormone changes, etc), there are a lot of topics not typically discussed in the public forum. Let's take a look at some of the not-so-fun symptoms of pregnancy.

Changes to your skin type

Whether your skin is typically oily or dry, be prepared for it to change somewhat as a pregnancy progresses. This may require changes to your skin care routine and normal products. But it's not just the type of skin that can change - you may even break out in places you've never had pimples before! For instance, pimples on your chest, shoulders, and back when you don't normally get them there may be an indication of raging hormones. 

Thinning hair

This is another factor that many women don't realize until they join the "mom club." Pregnancy and postpartum hormones can cause a woman's hair to thin out (and in some cases, a lot may fall out). Thinning hair is most often noticed in the hairline around your face. Be prepared to see more hair coming out in the shower than you're used to - but don't fret. Often the hair loss will stop when you're done nursing.


Often called "the mask of pregnancy," melasma is a condition when dark patches show up on a pregnant woman's face. It is more common in Hispanic women, and often the marks will go away. In some cases however, they may stay a while beyond birth. It is possible to treat melasma with a dark spot corrector.

Looser Joints

One of the interesting symptoms of pregnancy is that tendons and ligaments loosen in preparation for childbirth. While this may help during the actual birthing process, it can take a little getting used to during the months before. Your balance will already be shifting, and adding looser joints to the equation means a higher risk of trips or falls. 

Aside from baby growing bigger, pregnancy can have a lot of effects on your skin, hair, and joints. While most of these symptoms will go away on their own after some time, it is possible to take precautions and mitigate some of the changes as they occur. Your skin care routine especially is bound to change a little - at least for a few months. To learn about some of the different products we offer that may help the transition, visit our homepage!