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The Difference Between Melasma, Freckles, & Age Spots

Posted by Porcelana Staff on

Bothered with all those speckles of dark spots on your skin? These dark spots make the skin look uneven and can even make you look older. Dark spots (or hyper-pigmentation) are a common skin problem and they increase with age. Melasma, freckles and age spots are some of the culprits associated with this skin problem. Although these conditions are commonly described as appearance of dark spots or hyper-pigmented skin, they are all different in some ways. Let's learn how!


Skin with melasma is characterized by brown or grayish patches. It is commonly located under the eyes, cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead, chin, above the upper lip, neck and forearm. The factors that trigger darkened skin are sun exposure, genetic predisposition, and hormonal changes (e.g. pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, etc). Moreover, the darkened skin is caused by the stimulation of the pigment forming cells. If it occurs among pregnant women, it is called the ‘mask of pregnancy’ and people who have family history of melasma are most likely to have it as well. Regarding race, people who have darker skin, such as those of Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern descent, are more predisposed to melasma.


These dark spots are described as flat, tanned multiple circular spots, and the size is usually the head of a common nail. Freckles are usually found in sun exposed areas of the skin, especially on the upper body skin areas such as the chin, nose, arms, and upper shoulders. The cause of this is due to an increased amount of melanin in the skin. It is common among fair skinned people, and may appear as young as 1 to 2 years old. Most freckles are uniform in color, but vary on different people. They are more visible after sun exposure and they lighten during winter seasons.

Age Spots

Age spots are also called “liver spots” and they are characterized by flat, tan, brown or black oval spots. It is more common among adults older than the age 50, although younger people might acquire age spots through continuous sun exposure. They also typically develop among fair skinned people. It also occurs in the skin exposed to the sun over the years, more specifically at the backs of hands, tops of feet, face, forearms, shoulders, and upper back. Age spots may appear by themselves, or in clusters.

These three common skin problems are darkened areas of the skin - most especially the areas exposed to the sun. Although each has their own characteristic causes and manifestations, all of them could be greatly reduced in appearance by our Porcelana Day and Night Two Pack Special. It consists of the Day Skin Lightening Cream for day use and the Night Skin Lightening Cream to eliminate dark spots during sleep. Face the day without worries and enjoy blemish free skin!