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Dynamic Duos

Posted by Porcelana Staff on

What’s your idea of a dynamic duo? We’re talking team efforts. Specifically, two halves that must have each other to make the real deal. Here are just a few iconic go-togethers that everyone agrees upon. Have a look at who or what is making the short list.

Batman & Robin

This original dynamic duo have just the right chemistry for fighting crime in Gotham City. And through many reinventions, new generations are introduced to the great crime fighting team. What made these two so well “suited” to each other? It’s the yin/yang balance of Batman’s dark acceptance of evil in the world and Robin’s eternal optimism and belief in the good. Combine the two and it’s the reason to go undercover and use super human and arachnid powers to save the day! Don’t look now, but the Boy Wonder is 75 this year! Holy Confligration, Batman! That’s a lot of fire on that cake. Caped crusaders to the rescue!

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Do you know any American kid who does not know what a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is? We all know some poor souls who do not understand the ultimate pleasure of the salty/sweet treat that can also pass for lunch. Did you know that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich fulfills 27% of a person’s daily requirement for fat and 22% of calories? But even though this dynamic duo contains a high amount of fat, it is primarily monounsaturated fat, which benefits heart health. Though peanut butter is not exactly protein dense (one serving offers about 7 grams of protein) put that sandwich together with a glass of lowfat milk and you’re up to 28 grams of protein in a filling package! Here’s another twist on the classic sandwich, which doesn’t travel well, unfortunately. When you’re on the go, mix equal amounts of salted peanuts and red raisins in a take along bag. Instant travelling PBJ joy!

Milk & Cookies

Only one thing can improve the peanut butter mash up and that’s a chaser of cookies and milk. Dunking is optional but always encouraged. Cookies, or koekje, in Dutch meaning “little cakes” were originally a makeshift thermometer. Bakers placed a small handful of dough in their ovens to test the temperature before sliding in large cakes. And so developed the idea of a small, free form cake, eaten out of hand. Ok, that’s a good stumble-upon. But that first person to dunk a warm cookie into a dipper of fresh milk? That was pure genius!

Lucy & Ricky or Lucy & Ethel

Which comedy team was better? It’s hard to say, but Lucille Ball and either of her two straight faced co-stars made for original and lasting laughs. No one had the physical comedy of Lucy, even the best male comics of her time couldn’t top her in pratfalls, stumbles, spills and dunkings. And no one could cry like Lucy when the world fell down (laughing) around her. Lucy and Anyone, a fine comedy duo.

Hugs & Kisses

The best duo for taking care of loved ones, hands down. Big or small, young or older than all, everyone needs hugs and kisses to feel loved and appreciated. Need we say more? Yes, maybe one thing. Everyone is on the XO bandwagon! People seem to like the symbol as a friendly gesture and the way it delivers a message with a smile. You can even find hugs and kisses fluttering into everyday email correspondences as a kind of thank you, I appreciate it!

XXXXXs and OOOOOOs all over!

Daily Sunscreen & Nightly Moisturizing

Maybe not one you’ve thought of before, but here’s why these two skin care products are a dynamic duo. The best protection for your face is to put a daily sunscreening cream on your skin, either before, or with your make up. Keeping the UVs off your skin will preserve its texture while moisturizing at night replenishes lost hydration. Now in a Two Pack, Porcelana Day helps to fade away and blend uneven skin tones while it protects your skin from further damage with SPF ?? Then, Porcelana Night moisturizes while it lightens and fades discolorations due to acne or other blemishes, sun damage or medication side effects. Like a hug and a kiss for your face! Get your own perfect skin care pair, available now at a great price, here!