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Porcelana Fade Cream Success Stories

Product Reviews



Porcelana lightening creams provided results great results that improved over time. I could tell in the first few days of use that my skin was improving, and after a few weeks my blotchy skin turned into a creamy complexion that people actually noticed to comment on, including my doctor! I'm 55 and I have some age spots, some patchy dark areas on my checks due to sun damage, and a history of rosacea. All are improved for me! I can't say for that this helped the rosacea for sure, but it didn't aggravate it, and with regular use my skin is very smooth and no breakouts. I think that use of the cream actually does calm my skin. I use the Day cream in the morning and the night cream before bed. Now I don't have to use every day, but this is also a good moisturizer so I continue to use regularly.

- Ajn

When i started using this product my brown spots were very dark and now while using this product they were lighten. I feel great using this product i'm going to continue using this product. I would recommend this product to any one who has dark spots on there cheeks. I would recommend using this product with Night Skin Lightening Cream. Good luck using this product :)

- Inocen

I just love this product. It's affordable and also within two months of using: my skin has lighten up quite a bit. I recommend this to anybody who plans on lightening skin. Or for getting rid freckles and brown spots. I don't even tan anymore because I love my smooth milky skin.

- Elle

I decided to buy this cream because I had some dark spots on my stomach that showed up after some sun damage. They were embarressing, and because I am so pale, they just seemed so dark and obvious. I bought the night cream at a pharmacy because I happened to see it was on sale for $5. So I figured, why not give it a shot? Today is Wednesday, 8/25/10. I purchased the cream Saturday, 8/21/10, and used it every night since. This morning when I woke up, I happened to glance in the mirror and was shocked at what I saw. The marks are barely visible! Again, this was only after 4 nights. While it was recommended to use the day cream also, I did not, I only used the night cream. I did not expect such results so soon, especially since the bottle said "if you see no difference in three months, stop using." So I was expecting at least a month before seeing results. I am totally blown away! Right now I am scouring the internet to find a website or email for them, just to write and tell them how pleased I am, but so far I have been unsuccessful in finding one. When I go home tonight, perhaps I will look on the bottle for a phone number I can call.

The only thing I am wondering at this point is if I will have to use this continually even after the spots disappear. We shall see. I highly recommend this.

- Avalon

I had been buying an expensive cream for reducing brown splothces on my hands, but the pharmacy closed and I decided to try Porcelana from Rite Aid. Every bit as good and much less expensive. A lucky find.

- Daryl F. W.

I purchased Porcelana after I had a severe skin infection on my face that led to acne. Steroid treatment eventually cured the breakouts, but left me with dark red acne scarring. Microdermabrasion didn't do much to help the scars, so I applied Porcelana twice a day (once at night and one during the day). It's been about three months now and the scars are almost completely gone! With the progress I've made, I think they'll be completely gone within another month. And my complexion looks brighter and fresher than it did before. I was surprised, because an age-old acne scar on my cheek that had been there for over two years has also disappeared within the three months, so it's not just time that's doing the trick. I love Porcelana for its effectiveness, and because this small jar goes a long way...three months of twice daily applications hasn't even used up half the jar!

It DOES take a while to notice the effects, so don't give up after a few weeks, but keep at it regularly for the full three months! I recommend using it twice a day, instead of just once at night.

- Sarah F.

I have only been using this product for 3 nights and have already noticed great changes in my skin tone. I have really bad dark acne spots around my cheeks that chemical peels won't even clear up. I am applying only to the spots at night right before bed time and after 3 nights I have already noticed a great improvement. I cannot wait to see what my face will look like in a few weeks.

- Ana S.