Not Your Average Dark Spot Corrector

Porcelana® Dark Spot Corrector

Don’t Just Cover, Correct!

Porcelana works so well because it is a complete system that continually delivers skin correcting Hydroquinone, either day or night. Porcelana also contains a unique blend of avocado extracts and vitamins nourishing your skin and increasing moisture levels to revitalize and firm, for vital, more youthful-looking skin.

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Dark Spot Corrector


2% Hydroquinone


Price Per Ounce




2 Ounces




1 Ounce


Estee Lauder - Spotlight



0.5 Ounces


Scarlight MD


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2 Ounces





1 Ounce


Why Pay More?

You shouldn’t pay extra for flawless, radiant skin. Trust the brand that has been delivering results for almost 50 years and has helped thousands of women just like you!

Trusted Science

Backed by years of research and thousands of customer success stories, Porcelana is the leading skin care product for correcting uneven skin tone and delivering a flawless complexion.

Great Price!
The Choice is Clear

Porcelana is the best value in skin care! You’ll pay 43% less for the same results while getting the only complete system created specifically to reduce the appearance of dark spots, blemishes, and discolorations.