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Worried About Pore Size? 3 Tips to Minimize Pore Appearance

Posted by Porcelana Staff on

Pores...they’re everywhere! We all have them, and just like the rest of our body parts, pores will be different from person to person. But a lot of people get concerned if their pores are very large, or easily noticed by others. Some of that might have to do with the prevalence of photoshopping in magazines and ads, and some of it may be plain old self-consciousness. But regardless - if you’re concerned about pore size, we gathered some tips from around the internet to help you minimize their appearance. Read on to learn how!

But first - what is a pore?

This is the name for the (relatively) small holes you’ll find in your skin if you look closely in a mirror. Each pore is an opening for a hair follicle - which is pretty crazy when you think about it! Humans have hair pretty much everywhere on their bodies, so that means a LOT of pores. Of course, they are much more noticeable where the skin is naturally the T-zone on your face, as well as shoulders and back, etc. Pore size is mostly a result of genetics, so you’re generally stuck with what you’ve got...your skin will share a lot of the same characteristics that your parents have. That being said, while it’s not possible to actually shrink your pores, there are a lot of small tricks you can employ to make them look smaller.

How Do I Minimize the Appearance of Pores on My Face?

  • Make sure you’re washing your face enough. When dirt, grime, grease, oil, and makeup get caught in your pores, it can stretch them a little and make them look bigger. Going to bed with a clean face (take off your makeup, ladies!) is one way to let your skin recover and rejuvenate from a long day. If you don’t wash your face at night, then everything that your skin picked up throughout the day will remain there, and potentially clog your pores. It’s important to note, however, that you don’t need to use a facewash every single time - sometimes just plain old water will do the trick (and it’s a lot gentler than using multiple products every day)!
  • Exfoliate once in awhile. So if you’re washing and/or rinsing your face regularly, you’ve got a great foundation to start from. But every so often, it’s useful to find a good exfoliator and give your pores a scrub. This can help break up dirt and grime from some of the harder-to-reach places on your skin, and even pull some of the gunk out from your pores. Of course, don’t go crazy scrubbing your skin like a madman (you don’t want to cause damage!), but using a gentle exfoliator (or even just sea salt!) can help lift embedded pore-cloggers.
  • Use hot and cold water correctly. What do we mean when we say this? When you are starting to wash your face, use warm water...this will help open your pores and make sure that the exfoliator or face wash gets where it’s supposed to be. After washing and rinsing, use cold water for the last few splashes; this will close your pores back up (which you definitely want before you start adding face creams, sunscreens, or makeup). Although it may sound really insignificant, this is a little tip from the pros!

Alright, so we had a short discussion on what pores are, and shared three tips to help minimize their appearance. What tricks do you have up your sleeve for making pores appear smaller?