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​Top 8 Benefits of Avocado for Your Beauty Regimen

Posted by Porcelana Staff on

Avocados were first used by the Egyptians to care for their hair, as the properties of the wonder fruit kept their hair from falling out and stimulated hair growth. Today, you’ll find that avocado has evolved into an all-around beauty agent that found its way onto beauty shelves in grocery stores and even in facial treatments offered by salons. You might wonder, ‘why is avocado a mainstay ingredient in beauty products?’ To answer your question, we have listed some of the many benefits of avocado:

Avocado Keeps Your Health in Check

Avocado packs a special kind of monounsaturated fat called oleic acid. This acid protects you from suffering stroke, blood pressure-related problems, and heart diseases by regulating your blood pressure and by keeping your cholesterol in check.

Avocado Strengthens Your Nails

avocado skin care

Applying and massaging avocado oil on your nails daily will help a lot in strengthening your nails and keep them from suffering unwanted cracks.

Avocado Fights Infections Caused by Fungi and Bacteria

Avocado has antifungal and antibacterial properties that ward off infections that may blemish your skin.

Avocado Ensures Your Hair is Healthy

Not only are avocados effective at treating dry hair, they also help in treatment and prevention of dry and itchy scalps. They help prevent split-ends and frizzy hair while keeping your hair shiny and more manageable.

Avocado Keeps Your Skin Soft and Smooth

Avocado is also an effective beauty treatment that keeps your skin soft and smooth all over when used as a body lotion. All you have to do is to directly apply the avocado solution to the desired area while showering and you’ll soon notice that the applied areas are softer and smoother.

Avocado Makes You Look Younger

When incorporated into face masks, avocado reveals its anti-aging abilities through the form of retinol. Retinol is a crucial ingredient that promotes collagen production and stimulates the growth of new cells. Collagen, as beauty enthusiasts know, is a necessary beauty agent that gently fades away wrinkles.

Avocado Protects Your Skin from the Harsh Environment

When left unchecked, free radicals will lead to facial dark spots and other forms of skin discoloration. When applied as a face mask, avocado helps the skin in attacking and bouncing off free radicals that keep your skin cells from being healthy. Avocados also act as sunscreen that provides additional UVA and UVB protection.

Avocado Moisturizes the Skin Deeply and Longer

Because Avocados contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E, it makes the fruit a potent weapon against dry and dull skin. The antioxidant nature of both vitamins boosts repair of damaged skin by providing moisture and keeping the original moisture of the skin longer.

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