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Skin Care Lessons I Would Tell My Younger Self

Posted by Porcelana Staff on

Oh, the irony of 20/20 hindsight! There are probably many, many pieces of advice you would go back and tell yourself ten, twenty, or even thirty years ago, if given the chance. Of course, it is the blessing of youth to disregard advice from older and wiser folk, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t change a few things if you could! While some advice might be pretty serious in nature, there are other tips that would have been easy to implement...if only you’d known then what you know now! Let’s take a look at some skin care lessons that an older woman might pass on to a younger woman...and let’s hope the younger women listen!

  1. Drink lots of water. That’s right - the plain old stuff that has been around since well before humans! And in all that time, water has proven to stand alone in terms of its health benefits and necessity for life to continue. How does this translate to your skin care? Not only is hydrated skin more supple and smooth, it’s less likely to get dry, and more likely to ward off lines and creases for longer! Keeping your skin nourished (by keeping your body hydrated) will help it retain its elasticity.water porcelana skin care lessons
  2. Wash your face...and hands! Don’t take offense, but did you know that your hands and face might have a whole host of bacteria hanging around? According to the Minnesota Department of Health, there are approximately 1,500 bacteria on each square centimeter of your hands - that is a lot of germs for such a small space! What does this mean for your skin? Everytime you touch your face unnecessarily, you’re potentially imparting dirt, oil, germs, and more. This can have a super negative effect on your skin (think pimples, breakouts, blackheads) and your health (getting germs into mucus membranes like your eyes and mouth). Washing your hands and face regularly will help with this issue, although you probably don’t want to use the same product for your face as you would for your hands. Makes sense, right? The skin on your face and neck is a lot more delicate than your hands, so use a mild, gentle solution...or even just water once in a while!porcelana washing hands skin care lessons
  3. Use sun protection. This should go without saying...but if you grew up in a time when sunbathing was really popular and no one was wearing sunscreen, then you might have felt a little misled twenty years later when your skin started showing the effects of all that sun! While having a tan is still popular, people are more educated in general about how much damage the sun can actually do to your skin. If you’re concerned about the ingredients in certain sunscreens, wear a hat, light sleeves, or limit your time outdoors in the middle of the day (when the sun is at its strongest).
  4. Follow a skin care routine. In addition to regularly washing your face and using sun protection, use skin care products that benefit your particular skin type and afflictions. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! There are a lot of options out there, but consider Porcelana Day and Night creams when deciding which products to make part of your routine. These have a unique combination of moisturizers, sun protection, and hydroquinone to address most any problem you want to fix.

I’m sure if you could go back and tell your younger self things to do or consider, the advice would range from life decisions to relationship advice to the impact that small actions every day can have on later years. Having a great skin care routine fits into the latter category...taking small actions every day that will pay dividends in the future. What advice would YOU share?