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Skin Care & Anti-Aging Techniques from Ancient Times

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Aging is inevitable, and the pursuit of youth was a hot industry even in ancient times. Our predecessors had long been searching for the so-called "fountain of youth" in the hope to restore what age had brought upon their bodies. They used different ingredients and techniques for skincare and it started what we now call cosmetology. Today, with the advances in technology, we can actually and easily delay the effects of aging especially on our skin using products proven effective by science. But for now, let’s take a look at how people dealt with aging during ancient times.

Desert Life with the Ancient Egyptians

The first traces of skin care go back to the Ancient Egyptians. Due to the warm and dry climate, they followed skin care regimens and hygienic practices to keep their skin healthy. For them, cleanliness and hygiene was associated with holiness. Women (for example, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra), took care of their skin by bathing in milk mixed with honey, and rubbing aloe vera on their skin. Moreover, the common Egyptian citizens applied plant and animal oils. They were perfumed to keep skin moisturized and prevent hair loss. It also helped them smell fresh all day! Aside from skin care, the Egyptians had also developed ways to treat skin for anti-aging. A grass-like plant called Fenugreek was a well-known and main ingredient in their anti-aging lotions to smooth out wrinkles and treat hair loss.

Even at the death of ancient Egyptians, importance was placed on youthful appearance and good skin care. This explains why there are perfume pots, make-up containers, and body oils inside their tombs for the dead person’s skin care in the afterlife.

Beauty as a Social Status in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was one of the most advanced societies in the world. Their beauty regimen rivaled that of the neighboring ancient Egypt. The Greek geography was suitable to grow different fruits, nuts, and vegetables that were later processed into lotions and oils. Due to Egypt’s proximity, there were trades which occurred between the two societies. The Greeks followed the Egyptians method of distilling oils, herb essences, and other skin care regimens.

Beauty indicated social status among Greek women, and was defined as a person of pale skin, berry red lips and dark colored hair. Pale skin was attractive because it indicated wealth; wealthy women stayed indoors, and thus had lesser exposure to the sun. Both men and women’s skin care consisted most commonly of honey being rubbed into their skin. To make skin soft, they also made lotions from a combination of different herbs and oils. It is also believed that the Greek women invented the use of facial masks with a paste made from fresh berries and milk. Also, women used chalk dust or lead to have a pale complexion and henna-tinged pigments for their lips and cheeks.

Heirloom of Ancient India

The ways of the ancient Indians are passed down from generation to generation. One of the most important components of their skin care regimen was the sandalwood plant. In ancient Indian skin care treatment, the white sandalwood was used for makeup and skin care, while the red sandalwood was used for both medicine and skin care. Both of them have been proven to moisturize and protect the skin from harmful UV rays and germs.

In Ancient India, they believed in the holistic approach not only to skin care but to health in general. Health and youthfulness are enhanced by living a harmonious lifestyle combined with body massages and yoga. Different plants and herbs are combined to make beauty products and healing potions. These products and potions are used to balance skin and scalp at the cellular level, by moisturizing the skin and therefore preventing the effects of aging. Other treatments were mud treatments, skin rejuvenation treatments combined with massage, herbal bathing solutions, and steam treatments.

Most of these skin care regimens by our ancestors are still put into good use today. Their discoveries and techniques paved the way to better skin care to fight off aging. With the advent of scientific research and technology, our generation can easily fight aging with treatments like Porcelana’s Day and Night Skin Lightening Cream. Buy now and enjoy a youthful glowing skin without going through the ancient ways of dealing with aging!