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Raccoon Eyes? Why?

Posted by Porcelana Staff on

What can you do to reduce dark under eye circles?

First, let’s look at some of the causes:

1. Thin Skin -- Genetic Factors

The skin in the under eye area is very thin. So it will show color changes in the blood vessels underneath. Everyone has thin, delicate skin in this area surrounding the eye, but there are varying degrees of transparency here and this is due to genetic factors. Look no further than close relatives on either side of your family to find the link!

2. Lack of Fluid Drainage

Though you can’t lose your genetics, this is one thing you can actually do something about. The blood and fluid under the eye area drain into the internal jugular vein and to the lymph channels surrounding the face. It is possible to improve drainage with just a light massage of the under eye and corner of the eye area. A little pressure under the eye will help to draw the fluid away and into the lymph channel at the temple area and along side the face. In a previous blog, we talked about an effective facial massage for reducing swelling and increasing lymph drainage. Try this consistently for a few weeks for a reduction in collected fluid under the eyes. You should notice a difference after just a few days!

3. Dehydration

It seems a bit backwards that dehydration would cause build up of pigment and swelling under the eyes. But in fact, dehydration creates a stagnant environment where blood and fluid move more slowly, causing pools of swelling and under eye puffiness. And that can be seen in delicate, thin skinned areas like those around the eyes. More water, please! Stay consistently hydrated with water (less coffee and no sugary carbonated drinks!) to keep blood and fluid moving.

4. Histamine Release

This is a mild allergic reaction to substances in the air like pollens, dust and other allergens. It’s not surprising that once again, the vulnerable under eye area is the first to show what is going on inside. The eye area contains a high number of Mast cells, part of the immune system. Mast cells are located in areas of the body that form the barrier between the outside world and the inside of the body. Mast cells respond with a histamine reaction when an irritant is present.

We’ve looked at the reasons for dark under eye circles and some ways to treat them. As we mentioned, there’s nothing you can do about your panda or raccoon eye ancestry. If you’ve got dark circles in family members, that’s their gift to you and you have no choice but to accept! But try the face massage, increase hydration and watch out for histamine reactions to allergens!

Another great fix is Porcelana Under Eye Treatment cream. It contains Haloxyl, proven to lighten the pigment of darker skin underneath the eyes. Further, Haloxyl contains chrysin, a natural element found in plants and bee pollen that helps to reduce inflammation. Porcelana also helps to build collagen production which keeps the skin looking younger, longer!

So look for Porcelana Under Eye Treatment and lose the dark baggage once and for all!