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​Keep that Summer Glow with a Skin Brightening Cream

Posted by Porcelana Staff on

Keep that Summer Glow with a Skin Brightening Cream

The leaves are beginning to change colors, the temperatures are cooling off, and the nostalgic smells of pumpkin-spiced “everything” are wafting through the air. There’s no doubt about it, fall is here, and with that comes changes in many of our daily routines, including the addition of skin brightening cream.

As you swap out your summer wardrobe for fall favorites, don’t forget about your skin! This is the time of year when your skin begins to lose precious moisture. It’s also a time to repair damage from all those days out in the summer sunshine and to update your skin care regimen with products that will help fade dark spots on your face.

To embrace this beautiful time of transition, here are some tips for keeping your skin looking fresh as the seasons change and the temperatures drop.

Use a Creamier Cleanser

To retain as much moisture as possible in your skin this fall, ditch harsh soaps and hydrate with a creamy cleanser instead. Harsh soaps and gels strip your skin of the moisture it needs to look radiant all season long. For an extra cleansing boost, try using a rotating cleansing brush with micro-massaging bristles to scrub out dirt and makeup. You can buy a simple version of one of these to use at home for an affordable, convenient DIY “spa-like” treatment.

Apply Skin Brightening Cream

Not only can a skin brightening cream fade dark spots, but it can also brighten up your overall skin tone. Brightening creams, like Porcelana Day Skin Lightening Cream, keep skin looking luminous no matter what month it is. With daily use, a skin brightening cream can make your face look clearer, more even-toned, and cover up blemishes that pop up unexpectedly.

Exfoliate with Oil-Based Scrubs

Some people make the mistake of skipping the exfoliating step in their skincare routine when summer ends and dryness sets in. However, exfoliating is essential at all times of the year, especially in the colder seasons as it buffs away those dead skin cells to maximize the effects of your skin brightening cream. Choose an oil-based exfoliating scrub to hydrate while you get rid of those dead skin cells.

Try a Heavier Moisturizer

Moisturizers come in different levels of thickness, and those light summer lotions simply won’t cut it for the fall season. Swap out that lotion for a thicker, heavier moisturizer to prevent water loss from your skin’s outermost layer and hydrate all the layers below the surface. Porcelana Night Cream is perfect night time use as it is rich with vitamins natural moisturizers such as avocado oil.

Experiment with Softening Oils

However, you don’t need to weigh your skin down with heavy creams all the time, especially during the day. Facial oils that contain vitamin C, vitamin E, and natural fatty acids work wonders to restore moisture to skin and feel light to the touch.

Choose Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is made with natural and health-boosting ingredients like soybeans, seaweed, and essential oils, while leaving out preservatives and synthetics. Pick up some new eco-friendly foundations that will help to temporarily fade dark spots and eye shadows made with natural minerals to reduce your skin’s overall chemical exposure.

Continue Using Sunscreen

Just because you’re not spending every day at the beach anymore doesn’t mean that you can stash the sunscreen away until next year. Sunscreen is a daily essential throughout fall and even into winter. Choose facial products that have a SPF of at least 15 and apply a stronger sunscreen when you plan to be outside for extended periods of time. Porcelana Day Cream is a great addition to your beauty routine since it includes skin glowing properties and sunscreen for daily use.