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Did You Remember to Put Sunscreen Here?

Posted by Porcelana Staff on

It’s common knowledge that too much sun over time can result in seriously damaged skin. While it’s good to get a little bit of Vitamin D for your skin on occasion, it’s even more important to protect it when you’ll be exposed for more than a few minutes. After some images of what your skin looks like under a UV lamp circulated the web, more people than ever were remembering to use sun protection on their faces. But what about the other parts of your skin that people commonly forget? Let’s explore some of the most common sunscreen oversights…

Neck Think of how much consideration people give to taking care of their face...using sunscreen, daily face creams, a good skin care routine, etc. This makes sense, because for most people, their face is one of the most direct representations of who a person is. But how often do you think that tender care extends down to the neck area? The skin here is just as delicate, and just as likely to be exposed in a normal shirt, blouse, or other garment. There is no shortage of pictures on the internet of people with perfectly made-up faces, but sunburned and damaged neck skin! Don’t have a Jekyll and Hyde zone between your face and your neck when it comes to sun protection.


Shoulders porcelana-sunburn-shoulders.jpegSwimsuits and sleeveless tanks are popular for men and women, especially in the summertime. Even when people remember to apply to sunscreen, however, it’s easy to forget to reapply every couple of hours. Shoulders are particularly vulnerable for a few reasons: they’re a broad piece of skin, they’re on your back side (so you don’t see them much), and they are exposed to the sun in a lot of different wardrobes. The skin is also a little thicker here than on your face, so while it may not burn as quickly, you might also miss earlier indications that they’re getting too much sun.

Hands A few years ago, I asked my aunt (who is in her 60s) what she would tell her 20-year old self, and the answer surprised me! She said she would put sunscreen on her arms and hands, because after decades of sun exposure, a lot of dark spots had shown up on her skin. The skin on the back side of your hands (not the palm) is exposed to the elements a lot...when you’re working outside, when you’re driving, when exercising, etc. All of this time adds up, and that skin is pretty delicate. Click here to read more about age spots on your hands.

Left side of face More precisely, we mean the driver’s side of your America, it just happens to be the left side. If you commute to work 5 days a week (or more), run errands in your car, use a car to go on vacation, etc, your entire driver’s side is getting a lot of sun exposure. You might think that you’re protected by window glass, but that only goes so far (and SPF can vary by make, model, year, or even window to window within a car). With as much time as the typical American spends in the car, using sun protection is a no-brainer...the key is not forgetting to do it!

Did you recognize yourself in any of the signs above? Do you chronically forget to put sunscreen on your neck or hands? If so, you’re not alone by any stretch...but try to remember in the future! Thankfully, Porcelana’s daily face cream has sunscreen in it, so we’ve got you covered!