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5 Ways to Destress Your Skin

Posted by Porcelana Staff on

You may have just enjoyed a relaxing, savor-the-end of summer weekend. But as sure as October brings a chill to the air, you know that the relaxed vibe is bound to change. You can feel the stress build up gradually. Or you might get that spike of tension, anxiety or just cray cray temper. And all of it builds to a big crescendo on the inevitable march toward the Holiday scramble season! Before you know it, time is limited, errands and tasks are multiplied, and your already busy life steps into an even higher gear.


STOP! Wait! Don’t neglect yourself and especially your skin care. Remember, your skin is already undergoing seasonal changes now that you may be indoors more of the time. Vacation days may have allowed for a little extra time to pamper yourself and your skin, which is now trying to fend for itself!

Here are 5 ways to destress your skin -- and hopefully your entire self!

  1. Understand the signals and interrupt them. When you become stressed out, your brain messages your adrenal gland and it releases those stress hormones that get you into high gear. That may be great for productivity, but it also produces excess oil in the skin. The increased oil interacts with the natural bacteria already present on your skin, and BAM! Breakout. Interrupt those ongoing distress signals through a conscious effort to calm your breathing and heartrate. Your brain will accept this new information as a signal to ramp it down in the hormone department you can get back to equilibrium. Other ways to pull this off are to include yoga practice or meditation as a tool in the de-stressing toolbox.
  2. Exercise. Don’t have time? That should no longer be an acceptable excuse. Regular exercise has been proven over and over again to be the antidote to so many unhealthy conditions. Balanced, clear skin is just one of the multitude of benefits from a lifestyle that includes regular movement. Walking, jogging, or any fitness activity that elevates heart rate and builds muscle tone counts toward an overall healthy system, and your skin benefits from that too!
  3. Get more ZZZZs. Yes, mom is still right on this one! If you are like most Americans, you probably do not get enough sleep. You can’t really “make up” for lost sleep, and the problem does compound itself. So take a stress break, a.k.a nap, soon! Or just knock off early tonight. Don’t binge watch your favorite series starting at 11:00 pm when you feel like you can finally take your foot off the gas pedal. Call it a day! The more rest you get, the more melanin you allow your body to create, and that will definitely reduce cortisol levels. You’ll feel (and be) more refreshed and it will show through your skin!
  4. Set Boundaries. If you’ve been saying yes to everything and everyone, try another answer. If you find it hard to say no immediately, just say, “let me think about it.” And do just that. When you take the extra time to really look at what you want in your life, you’ll commit to only those things that bring you joy or are truly important to your goals. Everyone has a limit and if you push past yours too many times, your health will suffer for it.
  5. Got a Cup o’ Tea? Once again, tea shines through as not only a “take a break” signal to the brain, but apparently both green and black teas contain antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation. In facial skin, where so many blood vessels are close to the surface, these anti inflammatory benefits will help to calm a reddened skin tone and even out blotchiness. Another great tip for balancing skin tone is Porcelana. The mix of active ingredients along with avocado oil combine to bring an even tone to darkened or discolored patches of skin.

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