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5 Essentials for Your Skin Care Routine

Posted by Porcelana Staff on

What does it mean for something to be essential? Well, an online search for the definition shows that “essential” means “absolutely necessary; extremely important.” That’s a pretty high bar to meet, but we wanted to whittle down the millions of beauty ‘essentials’ available down to a list of things that actually matter for your skin care routine. After all, why waste time, money, and effort on things that don’t work or aren’t important for your skin health? So, here’s a short list of five essentials for your skin care routine!

  • WATER! This is no surprise, right? Water is essential to your skin care routine in a couple of different ways. First, drinking water and staying hydrated is super important to keep your skin glowing, breakout-free, and help retain elasticity. While hydration in general is good for your health, water is much, much better for you than sodas, teas, coffees, smoothies, etc, so be sure to drink the plain stuff whenever you can. The second reason water is essential is for washing and bathing your skin! Without regularly rinsing off grease, dirt, oil, and makeup, your pores will be clogged by all sorts of gross stuff. Be sure to use gentle cleansers and warm water to open your pores. Even just a quick rinse of your face before you go to bed is much better than forgetting to wash at night.
  • Moisturizer. Everyone’s skin gets dry at certain points in their life, whether it’s because of the seasons, hormones, or just the aging process. This is when it’s essential to have a moisturizer on hand. If your skin is already dry and not retaining moisture, and then you don’t treat it, it can get progressively worse. Think of the delicate skin on your face like the parched earth in California...the drier it gets, the more prone it is to cracking or wrinkling. Especially as you get older, your skin can get drier and drier. So, don’t get crows feet or mouth wrinkles before your time, and be sure to have moisturizers like avocado oil in your bathroom cabinet.
  • Sun protection. Another no-brainer on the list of essential skin care products. Sun damage is one of the most prevalent causes of wrinkles, dark spots, sunburn, and more. Think how often the delicate skin on your face has been exposed to the sun: if you’re 35 years old, you’ve been alive for 12,775 days! Even if the sun didn’t shine every day of your life (or you didn’t go outside), all that time will add up! If hats aren’t your thing, be sure to use sunscreen or get in the shade. Of course, one easy way to keep sun protection in your skin care routine is to make sure your daily cream has a sunscreen in it! Two-for-one, alright!
  • Healthy foods. Beautiful skin starts from the inside out! Just like staying hydrated with water, putting good foods in your body will help your skin retain as much of its youthful look as possible. Here is an entire blog devoted to foods you need for healthy skin! But here’s the short version: avoid processed foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, and make sure you’re getting good proteins and fats.
  • The 3 pieces of makeup you NEED! Alright, so it might be a stretch putting makeup in our ‘skin care essentials’ list, but let’s be honest: almost every woman has at least one type of makeup she doesn’t leave the house without. Dozens upon dozens of magazine quotes have asked this very question! Of course, too much makeup (or makeup all the time) can really mess up your skin, so that’s why we kept this section to 3 makeup tools. The Latina in me means that I don’t leave the house without filling in my brows. One of my sisters refuses to go out if she doesn’t have under-eye concealer. Many of my friends swear that mascara is their go-to makeup if they’re in a hurry. So while makeup is perhaps not an essential the same way water, food, or sun protection is, I know a lot of women that would argue differently!

So there you have it - we’ve successfully cut through the fog and identified the things that are actually essential for your skin care routine! What did we miss?