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4 Causes of Uneven Skin

Posted by Porcelana Staff on

It’s no secret that cover-up, concealer, and foundation products make up a large part of the beauty industry...but why is that? In most cases, the answer is uneven skin tone. While makeup is generally regarded as the go-to fix for uneven skin tone, you have other options! And did you know that some of the uneven surface and shading of the skin can be prevented or even reversed?

porcelana uneven skin tone

Uneven skin tone, sometimes known as Melasma, affects women far more than men. Did you know that women make up 90% of people with melasma? And what, exactly are we talking about? It is a concentration of dark brown or gray/brown patches that can appear around the eyes, on the forehead and across the cheeks, the chest, arms and hands.

Four factors primarily contribute to dark patches that characterize uneven skin tone.

UV Exposure

Sun exposure triggers the growth of melanin, the body’s first choice in natural skin protection. Along with aging, the repeated exposure of unprotected skin to UV rays concentrates melanin in clusters of skin cells, commonly called sun, liver, or age spots. The excess growth of the cells can be irregular in shape and texture.


This probably explains why 90% of people with melasma are women. Changes in estrogen levels contribute to the production of melanocyte cells. It often occurs during pregnancy, and is even known as “the pregnancy mask.” Birth control pills, which are hormonally mimicking pregnancy, can also cause dark patchiness, which occurs more often in women of darker skin tones.

Skin Injury

Cuts and burns can begin a process that leads to concentrations of skin cells that are more sensitive to light and pigment changes. Scabs should be allowed to heal (don’t pick!) and scars should be protected from direct sunlight.


Acne (and scarring from acne) is a common cause of uneven coloration and texture on the skin. Acne prevention is the best way to avoid the follow on scarring. One thing you may not think of...remember to regularly clean your phone with a sanitizing wipe. With that dirty device pressed against your face all the time, lots of germs and bacteria can hang around and become attached to your skin.

Here’s a tip to prevent those liver spots on your hands: wear driving gloves -- yes, all year around! Or, use sunscreen on your hands (and face, too) if you will be commuting daily, or driving the kids around (for the next 15 years!) The windshield blocks some damaging rays, but UVA still penetrates automobile window glass, especially on the side. Over time, this exposure to the left side of the face, left arm and hand, (in America, and other left-driving countries) leads to skin injury, discoloration and even skin cancer. It doesn’t seem to be that serious from day to day. But over time, driving sun exposure can do a lot of damage.

To reverse damage already done, Porcelana Skin Lightening Day and Night Creams can help. Dab a little on and into those spots that stand out. Best results are achieved by using Day and Night cream together in combination. It’s a high value, low cost method of erasing the damage that can cause unsightly changes in skin tone.